Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.59.32 PM Becoming a yoga teacher was not something I had on my list to do and rather caught me by surprise when Mike approached me about it. I was gently introduced to teaching. Assisting in correcting people at first during class with Mike, listening and watching how he taught.

After a few weeks I was teaching my first standing posture to which each week an extra one was added. Everything always happened very gradually but with steady progress. I was teaching a new asana each time, soon teaching floor work, back bends and eventually a whole class.

I’ll never forget the feeling after having taught my first full class. Where did all the knowledge come from? As Sharon and Mike said to me, it’s all there don’t worry, it will come out automatically and it did!!
I’m very glad I took the challenge and became a teacher. It’s a wonderful skill to have, improving my personal practice and of course very rewarding to see the students progress.

I can highly recommend the teachers training with the New Zealand School of Yoga.

Eveline Haeuptli, Auckland
Training in 2010/11


Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 9.59.44 PMIf it was not because of NZ School of Yoga, I would probably still be wondering if yoga does any good to me. Before I joined the school, I could not find a yoga place around Auckland that I would enjoy. I thought I would give up yoga for the rest of my life. Then, I found out about the NZ School of Yoga. I remember when I first came to the school; I was stunned by all the wall bars, ropes, blocks, sandbags, benches and etc.

What amazed me the most were Sharon’s and Mike’s dedication and belief in yoga.
Sharon and Mike have made me realized that yoga is not a competition with others, but it is a competition within yourself. Not everyone was born flexible, and it is through practice, hard work, patience and most importantly, the ‘can-do’ attitude that help you grow and become a better yogi. Their endless enthusiasm in yoga has led me with a very positive yoga outlook and made me always wanting to do more.

In the beginning, I pursued yoga just for relaxation. Every time I went to Sharon’s or Mike’s yoga class, I felt so good physically, mentally and intellectually. Only then I realised it was not only the peace of mind that yoga has given me, but also the sense of accomplishment that made me feel so good.

Sharon and Mike have different teaching styles. Sharon is always articulate when explaining a yoga pose and it makes it very easy for students to follow. Sharon also emphasises on illustrating the benefits a yoga pose can bring to health when she teaches. I must say not many yoga teachers could relate yoga to health very well, and Sharon is one of the best! Mike is always excited when he teaches and he always makes students challenge themselves. Mike is very good at ‘demonstrating’ a yoga pose verbally and I am always amazed at how dynamic Mike is when he conducts a class. He always utilises different props to help students who have difficulty in doing a pose.

I completed the introductory teaching course with the NZ School of Yoga, and it was one of the experiences that I would never regret in my life. Both Sharon and Mike have given me a great exposure and guidance to yoga teaching throughout the training course. It has equipped me with both the practical experience and the theoretical knowledge that I need as a yoga teacher.

Amber Goh
Training 2011/2012


1385051_211845608994633_1301828472_n I completed m 500RYT and Yoga Therapy training at the NZ School over one year full time. The course taught me so much and was really an opportunity to see myself and full potential as a yogi and as a person. Mike and Sharon are great practitioners and both have an incredible personal practice.It was an inspiration to learn and practice along side them every day. My own personal practice went to depths I never thought possible when I started. I was given the space and support that enabled me to step into the unknown especially in regards to my physical asana practice. As I went deeper into my physical practice a deep personal desire to live more aligned the yogic way started to emerge.

I am truly grateful for everything I learned during my one year at the school, the depth of understanding around the physical practice got me a job in a yoga studio straight away and has really helped turn me into a wonderful yoga teacher.

I spent a lot of time working one on one with Sharon as I also studied Yoga Therapy. The structure to this training was more free following and intuitive (which for me worked perfectly). http://www.nzyoga.co.nz/teacher-training/testimonials/I worked along side Sharon with private clients and we shared open dialogue around different ailments and conditions a practitioner is likely to come across. I was also supported in the areas I had extra interest in and given regular opportunities to practice in this way.

Overall my experience with the school was great, I am deeply grateful for the sharing, learning and challenges I went through with Sharon and Mike; these experiences have given me a strong foundation to build my practice and career.

Nicole Moyes
Training 2012/2013