Module 2

Module 2


Cost: $8,000  
This includes:
Apprenticeship $3,500
Applied anatomy and physiology $900
Yoga Dynamics, this is insights into the development of yoga practice to an advanced level including Pranayama Techniques $1,600
Pathophysiology $1000
Yoga Therapy Training $1000
Textbooks are not included in this fee
Fees are non-refundable


General Class - Bridge Yoga Alliance 500 RYT, this module is for the advancement of the teacher from the introductory to an advanced or experienced level. It is a 12 months course. Anatomy and physiology will be taken further with the study of the respiratory, nervous and cardiac systems of the body. The pathophysiology of common musculo-skeletal injuries will be taught, with the aim of developing analytical skills required to become a yoga therapist.

A choice of Yoga Therapy topics is given, with the purpose of helping the training teacher to specialise in an area of interest. An in-depth study of ‘Yoga Dynamics’will be taught with insights into the advancement of individual practise methods. Yoga practise of 15-18 hours per week would be expected of the 500 RYT trainee teacher. Theoretical and practical workshops will be held on designated week-ends to cover all topics.

Along with learning the practical skill of teaching, studying anatomy and physiology as it relates to yoga, yoga pranayama (an ancient yogic mediation/ breathing technique going back 5000 years), pathophysiology of common medical complaints, how to work with private clients using yoga as a therapy.

A Vision of Truth
Yoga dynamics –  The Interactive Yoga Series: Book 1
Examples of some of the topics covered in this module:

– Integrated learning
– Sanskrit names
– Stretch vs Strength
– Alignment including: The correct stretch, Space, Time, and the body’s response rate
– Methodical vs mechanical, i.e. the order of importance and your challenging areas, symmetrical and asymmetrical asanas, and practice to replace fear
– Self-observation and ‘The points of focus’
– Characteristics of the breath
– Self-adjustment, Corrective adjustment, Sensation recognition, Movement self-adjustment
– The stage by stage approach

This subject is about the disease process of common ailments such as: asthma, arthritis, high blood pressure. These ailments are a legacy of our Western culture, knowing what you are dealing with when a student has one of these ailments will go a long way in keeping your teaching effective and safe.  Common musculo-skeletal injuries will also be covered in this section of the module. This is an important subject for those students wanting to make a livelihood out of teaching yoga.

Yoga Therapy Training
Being able to work one-on-one with a client broadens your scope to work with people using yoga.

This will include:
– Yoga and the athlete
– Yoga for stress management
– Yoga and pregnancy
– Yoga for asthma

You can choose an area to specialise in from the above topics. This module will give you another string to your bow and we will lead you to that extra step towards becoming a Professional Health Practitioner.

Applied Anatomy and Physiology:
Understanding of your own practice and body is the first step to becoming a professional teacher.  The aim is to complete the 12 months and gain a rich understanding of the key postures in yoga. Presentations using anatomical models and sessions on the mat to illustrate points will make up this progamme.

The aim of the courses
During the end of the 12 months you will develop into an excellent yoga teacher, with a sound knowledge base to build on.

We will teach you the ability to communicate well, teach safely, demonstrate with confidence, and organise a class, keeping within time constraints.

We encourage our teachers to develop an area of interest in yoga as we feel this is 99% of the battle won when learning science  subjects such as Anatomy and Physiology. When you graduate you will receive a 12 month introductory Teaching Certificate from The New Zealand School of Yoga and a Yoga Alliance RYT 500 Certificate of completion, making you eligible to apply for registration with Yoga Alliance at your level of training.

A Vision of Truth will be taught by Mike Byron-McKay and Pathophysiology, the Yoga Therapy Training and Applied Anatomy and Physiology will be taught by Sharon Byron-McKay. Both have over 30 years of teaching experience and Sharon is also a registered Physiotherapist.

This course begins at the beginning of February. Flexible payment options are available with no interest.
For further information please email Sharon: