Module 1

Module 1


Cost: $3,500.00
This does not include textbook
Fees are non-refundable

Learn the skill of teaching in a practical way, similar to an apprenticeship during a one year part-time programme.

It is designed to prepare you to a professional level where you can safely take a beginners class and feel competent in doing this.

The first 3 months of your 12 month training are spent working on your own yoga practice and observing classes being taken. To begin with you will attend yoga classes and we’ll advice you when you can start working more specifically on the areas you need to develop within your own yoga practice. You will be expected to spend 10 hours per week on your own practice and we will give you advice and direction.

You will be gradually eased into the teaching role, first learning to adjust in class and then beginning to take postures under supervision. The process of taking a yoga posture will begin with a consultation process between student and teacher.

We recommend you to document your practice which will allow you see your progress even further.

DSC_3352The aim of the course
During the end of the 12 months you will develop into an excellent yoga teacher, with a sound knowledge base to build on.

We will teach you the ability to communicate well, teach safely, demonstrate with confidence, and organise a class, keeping within time constraints.

We encourage our teachers to develop an area of interest in yoga.

This course is recommended to students who have been coming to our classes for two or more years.

When you graduate you will receive a 12 month introductory Teaching Certificate from The New Zealand School of Yoga.


The starting date for this course is the beginning of February. Flexible payment options are available without interest.

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