Teacher Training

“Teaching yoga is the greatest contribution you can make to humanity.”
BKS Iyengar


DSC_3452Becoming a yoga teacher is the greatest lifestyle commitment you can make – in which other occupation can you make a living looking after you own health?

In today’s world, yoga has become part of a multi-billion dollar fitness industry. Competition is extremely tough, you need to be not just a yoga teacher but an exceptional one. We will train and teach you to becoming just that – an exceptional professional yoga teacher.

We have over 30 years of experience in training teachers and have a well tried and tested method with an impeccable reputation and our instructors are standing out.

Join our teachers training program now and fulfil your dream of making a living out of yoga.


We offer three different modules that you can chose from.

Each section of the module will be taken by a trained yoga teacher. The sections will be related as they apply to yoga, this will be backed by advised textbooks and practical sessions.

Safety of the student
Yoga teaching is a hands on subject and is taught as such, knowledge without experience is worthless. An element of trust takes place when a student enters a yoga class. The ability to teach a student effectively not only increases that students confidence in you, but also builds your reputation as a good yoga teacher.  Building on applied anatomy and physiology, students will be shown how to apply this knowledge with confidence in a classroom full of people with various different body types. Including contraindications of yoga postures.

Development of Yoga
Yoga is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, we will give you the inspiration,   guide,  and encourage you to develop your practise to its full potential.  Students are expected to put 10 hours minimum per week into their practise.  Ethics of yoga includes; professional conduct between student and teacher, the importance of accountability, the study of the Sutras of Patanjali.

Please note that our intake is limited to 5 training teachers per year, ensuring a lot of personal attention and dedication for each individual teacher trainee.

We recommend you have a minimum of three years yoga practise experience – but most importantly a passion for yoga.

 Course Venue
All courses are based at the New Zealand School of Yoga, 60 Broadway, Newmarket, Auckland.

You will be taught by Sharon and Mike Byron-McKay, owners and founders of the New Zealand School of Yoga.

The starting date for our courses are at the beginning of March 2017.
For further information please email Sharon: sharonnzyoga@gmail.com