Yoga Therapy

If you have a knee, hip, back injury or a medical condition and require a rehabilitation programme then having a Yoga Therapy session will be ideal for you. The Yoga Therapy sessions give immediate, sustainable progress.

Cost: $90.00/hour  per person
$405.00 for 5 sessions (10% off)
$160 for two people
$160 for one person twice a week ($80 per session)

These sessions are taken by Sharon Byron-McKay.  Sharon is a registered Physiotherapist with over 30 years experience in teaching Yoga Therapy. She is a member of  the International Yoga Therapy Association.  Sharon gained an A+ in both exercise therapy and advanced muscular/skeletal therapy while completing her Physiotherapy degree.

Bookings are essential, please email us to book your yoga therapy class.

Please be advised  that sometimes teacher trainees may assist with the session, if this is not agreeable with you, then please advise Sharon when booking.

Please note: We have a 48 hours cancellation policy, otherwise charges will incur.

For further information please email Sharon: