DSC_3600_ad“The authors (instructors – Mike & Sharon Byron-McKay, NZ Yoga) present constructive suggestions for improvement in one’s yoga practise” – B. K. S. Iyengar (2006).

Books and DVD’s

Interactive Yoga books available by Mike and Sharon Byron-McKay

Prices below, or buy all three books for $NZ145

Book 1 – A Vision of Truth – Practice and technique for the beginner to the advanced ($NZ45)

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Book 2 – Concentrated Action – An in depth study and observation of asanas ($NZ60)

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Book 3 – The Breath Creates ($NZ50)

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DVD – Practice Yoga with Sharon Byron-McKay ($NZ35)

The DVD delivers a programme that is concise, thorough and easily followed, in two 20 minute practice sequences for the morning and evening. It covers yoga postures, as well as time honoured yogic techniques for breathing and relaxation.



Note – prices on books and DVDs do not include post and packing, which may vary depending on location.

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