"This is a tribute to the greatest Yogi of the last Century, BKS Iyengar, who at the age of 95 has passed away (20th August, 2014) - he was a true student of Patanjali"

"he took Yoga as an unpolished gem and made it shine"

About Us

The New Zealand School of Yoga has been a home for yoga practitioners for three decades, founded and directed by Mike and Sharon Byron-McKay.

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We are offering beginners yoga classes daily and you are able to join at any time.

The style of yoga allows postural adjustment to each person individually while in class, ensuring the asanas (postures) are held correctly.

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Our classes are as follows:

- Monday to Friday at 10am
- Monday to Thursday at 6pm
- Saturday at 9.45am
- Sunday at 10am

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